Lawn Mowing / Edging / Blowing
Let us maintain your lawn by providing a professional mowing, edging and blowing service. You will have a consistent look that is sure to impress your neighbors and keep a smile on your face.

Hedge Trimming
In addition to Lawn mowing / edging / blowing, W & C Lawn Care handles all tree, hedge and shrub trimming & pruning.

Core Aeration
Aeration involves the process of extracting a “plug” out from your lawn. This allows for oxygen, nutrients and fertilizers to get deep into the soil and ultimately the roots of your grass. It is the secret weapon to attain a beautiful lawn.

Flower Bed Cleaning
Keep beds / curbs / cracks free of weeds and grass. ¬†When the grass invades your flower gardens, call W & C Lawn Care to fix the problem. We make sure the weeds are pulled so you don’t have to.

Run down to the local gardening center, pick out your plants and then let us handle the installation of those plants.

We work with each homeowner to ensure the grass stays green. Either you can provide the fertilizer or we can. Either way, we apply it on a scheduled basis to make sure your grass is getting the proper nutrients to maintain a stable, healthy base.

Fence Repair
When the winds blow through central Texas and damage your fence. Let W & C Lawn Care handle it. We can replace single planks or complete sections. Either way, no problem.

W & C Lawn care can handle all of your beds and trees mulch needs. We ensure that the mulch is laid out at the proper depth and we do cleanup after heavy rainstorms on our scheduled visits.